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Photo Gallery
The Wyman Museum was founded by Lou Wyman
The museum opened in Aug. of 2006. He has gathered an absolutely unique collection from throughout the west and beyond, giving museum guests an experience spanning one hundred years of American life, ingenuity and advancement. We guarantee there will be something you’ve never seen before!
The cat and the buffalo
The cat taking a break on the full size stuffed buffalo.  The buffalo was won by a Steamboat Springs man playing pennies at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs.  The man took the Buffalo up to his room, thinking that the hotel would take care of it.  A week later the man got a $600 bill for the buffalo staying in the room for a week.  So, he went back to Colorado Springs and brought the buffalo to Steamboat.  Lou later received the buffalo for the man.
Sheep Wagon

Carol Gossard restored the sheep wagon in 1976.  The top half of the wagon belonged to the Gossard family while the bottom half of the wagon belonged to the Gent family.  Both families where from the Axial Basin area near Hamilton, Colorado.

Carol Gossard donated the wooden-wheeled wagon to the Museum of Northwest Colorado.  It is on loan from the Museum of Northwest Colorado to the Wyman Living History Museum.


This hearse is the one used in Idaho Springs and Georgetown, Colorado.  The hearse has been restored back to it's original colors.  When this picture was taken the hearse was not finished being restored.

Licence Plate Collection

The Wyman Museum has a complete set of Colorado licence plates.  The licence plates start with a homemade licence plate from 1912 and end with one from 1979.  We stopped with 1979 because stickers where introduced instead of the year being punched into the plate.

Mudge Motor Car

The Mudge Motor Car was used by the railroad to inspect the rail.

Hugh Thackelberry and Art Unsworth

Hugh( pictured left) is the piper that will be at the Sheep Wagon Days, he is originally from Glasgow Scotland . He has been a bag piper for 45 of his 72 years. He curremtly is living in Fruita Colorado and will be at the Sheep Wagon Days ept 14-15  dressed in his Highland Regiment Uniform as he fills his pipe with air and  moves his fingers over the chanter.

Art (pictured right) as become the voice of the Meeker Classic and will be at the 9 th annual sheep wagon days this year to deliver knowledgte of stock dog trailing. His flare for humor make him a delightful host for the Sheep Wagion Days. Art has annouced rodeos including the Murray Dale stampede. By the mid 70's Art was annoucing sheep dog trials . He has annouced the WesternCanadian Nationals and the Famous Shoot- Out Stockdog challemge. Stop by and meet a great man ! Art will be at the Wyman Museum Sept 13-16th.

X-treme Snow Cross
  Snow Mobiling at it's extreme!!!!
Winter Festival
Trophy room
Black smith , Dalton Reed
Art and Brownie
Working Dogs Working hard at last years sheep wagon days!!
This photo is courtsey of Villard Ranch.
Centerpiece for the Romantic Dinner
Cardboard Sled
Dan Johnson Wonderfull Team!
Wedding at the museum
Dan and his team delivering the bride!
Dans team is avaible for rent. Book your travel needs!
Winter Festival 2009 X-treme Racing
Clyde and his 2011 growth
Pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch
M47 tank
Our new boy
Tyler Ripka and our new elk Junior, Boy does he have some big shoes to fill, but looks like he will fit in just fine!
Justin Hoyer

Winter Festival 2013 we had x-games winner Justin Hoyer

He put on a great show and was great with the crowd!

Junior Explorers
Young Sprouts
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Game of clue
Game of clue
Game of clue