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Clyde the Elk

Clyde our resident elk came from Lou Wyman's Ranch. Lou Wyman had one of the first domestic Elk Herds. When Clyde was born his mother died and he was then bottle fed. Even as an adult elk he would drink water out of a bottle!

 As you can tell in the photos he is a kind animal. Julie Harris, Clyde's care taker, is giving him water with the hose and he definitely enjoying it!

Unfortunately at the age of 18 we lost our friend. He died this fall(2012), many people traveled far and wide to see this majestic animal.

Farewell to our friend you're leaving
It's time for you to go
Your friendship was a blessing
And we will miss you so
You brightened up our days
You brought us so much happiness
With your kind and loving ways
You lifted up our spirits
And one of the best friends Craig ever had
God is here to take you home
We will always love you
You will live within our hearts.
Thank You Clyde for sharing with Craig, Colorado and all its visitors
You will be greatly missed!
This photo was taking about a month before Clyde died when he was still in velvet and had not gone into the rut yet. You can tell how he loved people. A true gentle giant!



Clyde 1994-2012